The real value of the EU and why we need to Remain IN.

By Tom Lynch a member of one of the SY2E – Remain in the EU groups.

I keep seeing ‘Leave’ posters, showing images of Wartime aircraft, Churchill and so on.

Seems some people are happier living in 1945 than the present.

Another year they really hate is 1973, the year we joined the EC.

Remember what Europe was like in 1973? Spain and Portugal were right-wing dictatorships, Greece was run by a junta of colonels, and Poland and the Baltic states were controlled from Moscow.

Now they’re all EU member states. The EU has transformed life for all these European neighbours, and I’m proud that the UK has played its part, with funds and expertise.

Europe is more stable and prosperous than at any time in its long history, and old enemies are now friends; British and German sailors jointly commemorated the anniversary of the Battle of Jutland just yesterday.

The EU’s not perfect, but it has created the best cooperation on our continent, ever!

So the real choice is – stay and help improve it, or walk away into an uncertain future, for ourselves and our continent.

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