Boris Johnson does it again: Apples, Oranges, and what was it we were talking about again?

Boris has put his foot in his mouth again, unfortunately it’s likely nobody will notice. his latest article in the Telegraph (29th May) compares apples with oranges, misleads, deceives and spends most of its time discussing something which has nothing to do with the title.

We will skip the fact that comparing 1st world economies with 3rd world economies is misleading, we will skip the fact that the riots in France have nothing to do with austerity, and much, much more.

We will skip straight to the good bit, immigration. Dear ol’ Mr Johnson is banging on about the “unrestricted flood of immigrants” that Leave always goes on about.

Leave have said that millions upon millions of Romanians and Bulgarians would flood into the country, where are they?

Pritti Patel has said that she will increase immigration from the Commonwealth post-Brexit, some Leavers are even talking about freedom of movement from the Commonwealth.  So they’re going to replace one set of immigrants with another?

Leave have said 7 million Turks will come to the UK, the Turkish Passport office has only issued 7 million passports, each and every one of those passport holders are going to come to the UK?

Speaking of immigrants did you know Poland wants its emigrants back to fill vacant jobs created by it’s booming economy? So much for “a graveyard of low growth”.

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