Leaving the EU – how to understand it…

From Philip Cresswell a member of one of the SY2E – Remain in the EU groups.

You are a member of a golf club. One member is notorious for whingeing about membership fees, the state of the greens and the kind of beer served in the clubhouse but never, ever getting involved in the work required to run the club.

That member suddenly announces that they are planning to leave, because the rules are far too restrictive and the fees poor value and the proceedings at the AGM are undemocratic.

Said member also comments about expecting to be able to play for free in future as a former member and occasional team member and “long-time, dedicated follower of the game”.

Do you

(a) accept a vote to allow that now ex-member special privileges


(b) vote to ban that member from club premises in perpetuity?

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