Why do EUphobes resort to insulting people rather than setting out a post-Brexit alternative.

Today another group of people have come out in favour of the UK Remaining in the EU.

This time it is 250 actors, artists, musicians and writers who set out the benefits to their industry of the funding and collaboration available through the UK membership of the EU.

Predictably the EUphobes accuse them of bias/vested interest or simply insult them

When a person, group, profession, sector come out in favour of the UK Remaining in the EU, there are only 3 reasonable responses from those that oppose them:

1) here is how and why you will still be able to receive the support, finance etc after the UK leaves the EU;

2) that’s a pity for your group/sector/business but we believe the overall benefits for the UK outweigh the losses some might suffer;

3) hard luck, you’ve done well enough for long enough. You’ll just have to find some other way of generating income or do something else.

The EUphobes seem to have no interest in setting out the consequences of a Brexit and exactly what they will put in place instead of the arrangements we have with a through the UK’s EU membership.

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