Would we be commemorating VE Day if the UK had stuck two fingers up to Europe in June 1940?

Today at war memorials, in cemeteries and churches across Europe, if not the world, people will be gathering to commemorate the end of the War in Europe and the sacrifices people made to bring it to an end.

Despite what some are saying it was not a war one by a single nation, it was won by countries working together and standing together.

Although many, in fact nearly all, of the allied nations involved had been defeated in the field and had capitulated in the face of seemingly unbeatable forces, they had not been overwhelmed and broken.

One of the main reasons for this was the commitment of the UK to stand with its allies and lead Europe to a better future.

What would Europe look like today if in June 1940 the UK had abandoned its allies and its treaty commitments and sued for a separate peace?

Fortunately, people in the UK remembered that it is not in the British nature, the British psyche, to run and hide in the face of difficulties.

Europe required leadership, our allies needed help and support.

The UK did not retreat into inglorious isolation, the UK stepped up to the challenge and stood with its allies and led them. That is what we must do now.

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