The UK has pooled sovereignty since 1603 – why are the Leavers so scared of the EU?

Some in the UK believe that the UK is wholly incompatible with any form of union or sharing/pooling of power.

This is most curious seeing as the UK’s history of union and pooling of power started in 1603.when England and Scotland formed a Union of Crowns.

In 1707 the Treaty of Union merged the countries two Parliament’s in what is referred to as the Union of the Parliaments.

Again in 1800 Acts of Union were ratified merging the Irish and British Parliaments.

Today we live in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

We have been part of a Union of Nation States for over 400 hundred years, a Union that has consistently pooled sovereignty and resources, centralised power and decisions far more closely than happens in the European Union

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