European trade a Brexit cautionary tale: Could do better UK SME’s!

If UK SMEs can’t be bothered to export to the rest of the EU now how would they do better if the UK was outside the EU?


Today after months of delay a man with a white van arrived at my French property with our long awaited luxury bathroom suite from Victorian Plumbing Supplies in the UK.


I feel I must share this story with you as a cautionary tale if you are not sure about the upcoming British EU referendum and think ukip and eurosceptic Tories have a point about the vast majority of UK Small and Medium Enterprises (UK SME)  having nothing to gain from Europe and are only needlessly tied down by EU red tape.

Note: French DIY products are ridiculously expensive. Customer service is non existent in France. There is a great market opportunity for UK services sector here!

Our quest for a new British style luxury bathroom suite started in the January sales after visiting our kids and grand kids in East Anglia. Walking around various B&Q and Homebase type of shops…

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