Things I would like to see from the LeaveEU campaigns.


Things I would like to see proposed from the LeaveEU campaigns:

1. A list of EU directives, rules and regulations that they plan to repeal if ‘we get our sovereignty back’? They claim that they don’t like the rules forced upon us by the EU but fail to say what they would get rid of if we vote to leave.

2. I’d like them to be honest about the extraction process with the UK voters. They need to be truthful about how long it will take, and what they plan to do next. With no plans it truly is a leap into the dark.

3. On immigration, I want them to tell us who they think is going to do all the necessary jobs that are filled in the UK by EU migrant workers. They claim that they will reduce immigration from the ‘hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands’, but fail to explain which industry sectors they are prepared to close down in the UK to do it.

4. On Trade, I want them to say if they have had a single formal or informal discussion with any nation anywhere in the world. Is there a single nation that has said they would be interested in beginning trade negotiations with a post-EU United Kingdom?

5. I want them to explain more about the new Tariff and Duty regime that the UK would find itself in after a Leave vote with all our trade partners around the world. Joe Public deserves to be told the truth about how their vote will affect their cost of living.

6. LeaveEU campaigns have said that losing jobs and closing businesses is a ‘price worth paying’. All very well, but its not their jobs and livelihoods they are paying with, its OURS. What exactly IS the ‘price worth paying’ for their future political career?

No more soundbytes from random politicians….. it is time for the Leave Campaigns to present the facts…… many in the Leave camps have been trying to get this referendum for 20 years…. its time they put their cards on the table and told us what that actually means.

 Thanks to Jason Hunter, a member of the Say Yes 2 Europe – Remain in the EU alliance, for letting us use his post from the New Europeans
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