What are the Leavers offering as “After Sales Service” if we buy their nebulous Brexit idea?

It is not only that we don’t know what the Leavers are selling, perhaps because they don’t know themselves.

We don’t know what their “after sales service” is like.

When you buy an insurance contract or a new car one of the things you want to know is what the seller’s after sales service is like: if the goods are faulty, if what you bought isn’t as advertised, how will these things be sorted out.

What is it the Leavers are offering as an “after sales service” if we buy their vague, ill-defined idea of Leaving the EU?

Just how are the Leavers going to deliver on what they are trying to persuade us to buy?

All part of understanding how the Leavers are going to convince us that their product is BETTER than Remaining in the EU.

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