Rebutting the usual EUmyths and my own reasons for wanting the UK to Remain in the EU.

I was asked to respond to a post in an expatriates group to a post made by a member containing many of the usual EUmyths.

As well as correcting the EUmyths in the post I also gave my reasons for wanting the UK to Remain in the EU.

Here is what I posted.

The EU accounts have been signed off every year since 2007.

The Council is formed from elected national leaders and the Parliament by directly elected MEPs.

The President of the Commision J-C Juncker is proposed by the Council and approved by the Parliament.

The Heads of the Directorates are proposed by the President of the Commission and approved by the Parliament.

The civil servants who work for the Commission number less than 35,000.

John is also trying to fudge the issue with when he says “Give a thought for the home country the way it is being taken over and the Brave people in the Armed Forces that fought to keep Britain Great,”. What has that to do with the EU?

The Great in Great Britain is not referring to might, influence or power it is Great in the geographic term as in Greater Manchester/London etc.

I want to stay in the EU because I believe in the EU both as an Ideal and as a Reality. It isn’t perfect it does need reform and the UK does need to play a leading part in the development of the EU.

I also want to make sure that my children, grand-children and future generations have the same benefits, advantages (and the responsibilities that come with them) I have had from being part of a Diverse but United Europe.

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