Private Member’s Bill on Overseas Voting

Very important news from Brian Cave, a long term promoter of the Votes for Life campaign, via David Rosemont, a member of one of the SY2E aliance’s groups:


I have just received the following information from a private contact.
Please see the Overseas Voters Bill, just published, and due for second reading in the House of Commons the day after tomorrow 26 February 2016, at…/2015-16/overseasvoters.html

This Bill is private members bill not obviously connected with the proposed Government Votes-For-Life Bill which has not been tabled.

Mr Chope MP and others introduced this Bill on 7th July last.

It is most significant that the second reading has appeared at this time. It is very short and would remove the 15 year limit on voting making votes for us all in the Referendum possible.

To support this Bill please go to this page and sign the Parliamentary petition supporting the implementation of the Votes for Life legislation.

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