It isn’t perfect but it isn’t broken, why is Leaving BETTER than Staying and changing the EU

There is a danger and I have fallen into it. So many people who post online for “OUT” are very extreme, angry, factually incorrect, xenophobic and tbh often a bit stupid.

I don’t believe these people will ever be convertible, but some of us tend to react in a mirror image way to them. I think this is slightly off putting to the waverers.

Although visionary stuff is great, the reality is Europe has been disappointing to us Europhiles on things from refugees, to Greece to tax evasion to the illiberal deomcracy here in Budapest. Very often, the bigger and more dynamic vision doesn’t connect with the average voter

The reality is that if we leave the EU, the economy will not collapse and we will still go on holiday in Europe and cooperate with Europe. The reality is that we don’t know what will happen, but money speaks and we will probably get some kind of deal or another. The argument on this really is “the better the devil you know”….. there are many uncertainties and a cocktail of farage, johnson, galloway and the ulster unionists ever agreeing on this is nil.

I believe we should be fighting hard against the “democratic deficit” argument. As a lifelong liberal, it is funny to observe how many right wing people are suddenly into “self determination”. The reality is the EU is democratic, it just feels distant.

We should also be presenting Europe as our friends. So much of the argument is that ” cooperation and teamwork” trump (excuse the pun) going alone…… we cannot tackle Putin or whoever, the Environment, the global economy, terrorrism, international crime , cyber crime, refugees as a single nation.

Note also that mainstream business is deeply anti Exit. Only some in the city of london are Brexit. Their motives are, I suspect, are to turn the UK into Singapore.

Sensible trade unions are also very Pro EU. Those against don’t seem to be awake to the fact we live in a globalised world.

Practical tangible reasons for staying and less exaggeration are needed.

With thanks to Rupert Slade, a member in the SY2E – Remain in the EU alliance of groups, for letting us publish this.

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