Lord Lawson’s detailed plan: simply repeal 1972 EC Act – how is that BETTER than EU membership

In the Telegraph today Nigel Lawson sets out his “detailed” plan for a post-Brexit UK.

The bottom line of the article is what he envisages as a detailed plan for a post-Brexit UK.

I have been asked “what, then, is your alternative to being in the European Union?” A more foolish question is hard to imagine. The alternative to being in the European Union is not being in the European Union. Most of the world is not in the European Union – and most of the world is doing better than the European Union.

So far as the detail is concerned, we would repeal the 1972 European Communities Act, which establishes the primacy of EU law over our own UK law. The morass of EU regulation, much of which is costly, unnecessary and undesirable, would become UK regulation, which we would then be free to accept, repeal or amend as our national interest requires. And we would continue to trade with the EU, as the rest of the world does today, almost certainly assisted by a bilateral free trade agreement, which they need far more than we do.

Above all, we would become once again a self-governing democracy, with a genuinely global rather than a little European perspective. We would prosper, we would be free, and we would stand tall. That is what this referendum is all about.

Such a superficial plan does not set a an alternative to the EU, it just repeats the idea that the UK leaves the EU and does something (anything) else.

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