EUphobes to reject UK/EU deal – What do they propose that is BETTER than EU membership?

According to the Financial Times the EUphobes (Leavers/Outers whatever you wish to call them) are set to reject the deal (whatever it might be) that David Cameron brings back from the EU Council meeting.

They don’t know what the deal will be or even whether it will be concluded on Thursday, but they are ready to reject it.

Even more worrying is that the Leavers/Outers will be attempting to turn the Remain/Leave debate on the results of the current negotiation. Much easier than concentrating on the Real issue.

The Real issue – the referendum isn’t about whether to accept or reject the results of the current negotiation, it is about whether the UK Remains in the EU or Leaves the EU.

If we Leave the EU it has to be for something BETTER.

But the Leavers/Outers can’t even agree among themselves what their alternative to EU membership is, much less explain, in detail, how their proposal is BETTER than Remaining in the EU.

Time for the Leavers/Outers to step up and answer the question “How is Leaving the EU BETTER than Staying in?”.

Or are we just supposed to Leave and sort out what happens later?

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