How You can help shape the Remain campaign

With the Referendum perhaps less than 5 months away it is time to step up the work that “SY2E – Remain in the EU” is doing.

SY2E is a volunteer, cross party/apolitical grassroots organisation; nobody is employed, nobody is on a salary – such money as has been contributed has been spent on those things needed to advance the campaign. We will continue this philosophy and only spend the money we raise on those things that the members, organisers and activists cannot provide themselves.

We believe that the best way to defeat the arguments for leaving the EU is to make a positive case based on the benefits of the EU while being realistic about the areas where the EU needs reforming and improving.

We are recruiting volunteers to help the campaign in a number of areas/roles:


To research background material for articles, blog posts, briefing documents. Revising and adding information to a pro-EU Wikipedia which will be available to campaigners, writers & organisers working with SY2E.


To write positively-themed blog pieces, analysis articles and briefing documents.

Editors/Administrators for Web site, Blog & Facebook

To organise and co-ordinate our presence on the Internet to maintain the momentum and effectiveness of our campaign and to ensure what we publish conforms to our campaign philosophy and editorial guidelines.

Local Organisers

To organise local events and co-operation with other pro-EU campaign groups

Fund Raisers

To help raise funds via a numbers of means.

These volunteer roles do not have fixed hours nor do they require attendance at a particular place of work and they are unpaid, although where possible essential expenses may be reimbursed: the essentials are commitment, drive, good internet access and a reliable phone connection.

For all these roles we are looking for people who can provide differing perspectives from across the age and political spectrums, as this reflects an important part of the SY2E philosophy. Whatever your age/politics, if you are pro-EU you have something to contribute.

Whether you can work a couple of hours a month or full-time, it is the commitment that matters.

In all cases, enthusiasm and commitment are more important than previous experience, as is an ability to self-start, make suggestions and discuss what the group can do – these are the essentials of a grassroots organisation.

To volunteer email us here and tell us something about yourself and how you would like to help.


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