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Parliamentary petition to Implement Votes for Life legislation before EU referendum

Posted on Facebook by Lyn Pigney:-

If you, like me and my family, all UK Citizens then as now, have decided to move across La Manche to live, I think this affects you. Or maybe you have family/friends who have made this decision.

Many of us did so relying, whether consciously or not, on a fundamental principle which is now under threat because of the impending Referendum. Because of the 15-year rule, some of us will be denied a voice on whether that principle continues to exist, and even more will be excluded by the date of the Referendum, because as time marches on, more of us will have lived outside the UK for more than 15 years.

I believe that the voice of a UK Citizen is just as valid whether resident in the UK or not and that democracy does not have a time limit.

Many of the rights we have are based on the UK being part of the EU, and a growing number of us will not be able to vote on whether that continues to be the case.

If you’re fortunate enough still to be eligible to vote, please register and vote, not only for yourself but also for those of us who are likely to end up being denied a voice in this potentially life-changing decision.

Whether you’ll be eligible to vote or not, please sign the petition, whether you live outside the UK or not, please sign. Also please share this post and ask as many UK citizens as possible to sign and share. Please don’t forget any individual can sign, whether someone else in the family/household etc. already has or not.

It is about our future, but what it’s really about is democracy, supposedly a fundamental principle of our political process.”

New Europeans are running a survey on voting for expatriates, you can find it here: New Europeans – Expatriates & the 15 year rule

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