Daniel Hannan admits there will be freedom of movement after a Brexit – so why is leaving the EU the better option?

It is clear that the Leave campaigners do not have a clear, cohesive idea about what the alternatives to the UK’s membership of the EU are.

One of the main planks of the EUphobes’ argument is immigration.

According to Daniel Hannan, prominent Leave campaigner and MEP, after a Brexit there will still be:

seasonal immigration;

immigration from outside the EU;

immigration from the Commonwealth;

and there will be some (Daniel Hannan did not quantify how much) Freedom of Movement within the EU.

In short nothing substantially different to what there is at the moment,

Perhaps not surprisingly there are some in the Leave campaign who disagree with Daniel Hannan’s view of post-Brexit immigration.

Just what is it that the Leavers are proposing that is BETTER than the arrangements we have at the moment as a member of the EU?

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