Votes for Life – Petitioning Parliament to remove 15yr limit on Democracy for UK Citizens

Petitioning Parliament – Implement Votes for Life legislation before EU referendum

It is estimated that of the 5 million UK citizens of voting age who live outside the UK, 1 million are disenfranchised by the current 15 year limit on being able to vote.

This arbitrary limit denies these people the opportunity to participate in the democratic process, and for those living in the rest of the EU it effectively penalises them for exercising their right to Freedom of Movement.

At this particular time the limit is even more iniquitous than usual as it denies those people a right to vote in the EU Referendum, an event that may have a profound effect on the rights of all UK Citizens.

The current government acknowledges the arbitrary nature of the limit and has committed to removing the 15 year limit but has said that it will not be removed prior to the EU Referendum.

We are challenging this on behalf of all UK expatriates with a new Parliamentary petition asking that the “Votes for Life” legislation is implemented before any EU Referendum.

Once we have 10,000 supporters we will get a written response from the Government and with 100,000 supporters it will be put forward to be debated in Parliament.

As well as supporting this petition it is vital that all UK Citizens who are entitled to vote register to do so and actually use their vote when the time comes.

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