No Two stage EU referendum – David Cameron

David Cameron has signaled that there won’t be a 2 stage referendum process.

Some people had been saying that we should have two referendums on leaving the EU.

The first would be to decide whether we should start the process and the second would be after the exit negotiations to decide whether we thought leaving the EU, and all that goes with that, was a better option than staying in.

This notion has support from Dominic Cummings and also Boris Johnson, the premise seems to be that by voting “Leave” in the first referendum it will in some way give the UK a stronger negotiating position to get a better deal on the UK’s EU membership , a second referendum will give the UK voters an opportunity to Remain in the EU based on the revised terms.

David Cameron has said quite clearly that if the UK public votes to leave the EU the UK leaves, if it votes to Remain the UK remains. No ifs, buts or maybes – what we decide in THE referendum is what will happen.

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