Two countries at opposite ends of Europe

Slightly more than 70 years ago two countries at opposite ends of Europe stood firm against a culture, a force, which ran contrary not only to their national interests and democratic instincts but their perception of what was acceptable.

Those two countries did not withdraw and give  up, they contested the right of the seemingly irresistible force to dominate them and their way of life.

Even though one of those countries was temporarily forced to concede, the other country continued the struggle. It attracted political and practical support from and gave support to the countries subsumed by the unacceptable quest for European domination.

History is repeating itself in the current context, the UK & Greece are once again allied in a cause to rebut the current European dogma.

Greece is convinced of the need to change that dogma and, despite the pain that dogma imposes, is prepared to say so.

Is the UK prepared to step up and fight for a change in the model for the future of Europe or is it going to simply retreat and betray its heritage?

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