Britain’s four-point package for EU reform – POLITICO

Phillip Hammond – Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, has been setting out the Government’s 4 point package for EU reforms.

The 4 points cover market regulation, “ever-closer union”, subsidiarity and welfare.

He goes on to say “We approach these reforms in a positive and engaged manner, listening to our partners and intending to agree reforms that will help all Member States to thrive in the 21st century.”

and sums up with “If we can resolve the issues that have so troubled the British people and achieve a “Yes” vote in the referendum, we will settle the question of Britain’s place in Europe and enable the UK to play a fully engaged role in a more competitive, prosperous, outward-looking and confident EU in the future.”

You can read the rest of what he has to say on the Politico Europe website Britain’s four-point package for EU reform – POLITICO.

There are some eurosceptics who will not be satisfied with this, but that will always be the case, there is little chance of convincing some people.

There are others who will say that the points will be too easily achieved as some of these things are already starting to happen, but things have moved on since 2013 and what’s to say that the EU’s reform programme and even Jean-Claude Juncker’s priorities have not been shaped by pressure from the EU’s reformers such as the UK and the Netherlands in addition to the pressures from the Euro crisis and Greece situation.

There is something else to add to the pot, The Times reported that according to a confidential report it has seen there will be the opportunity for Treaty changes between now and 2017 and again between 2017 and 2019. But this should be no great surprise, the work that is needed to consolidate the Eurozone and clear up the fallout from the last few years of Euro crisis was always going to need Treaty amendments.

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