EU Referendum Bill – second reading

Interesting debate on the EU referendum bill, principal players were disappointing, except for Hilary Benn who had an inspired few moments but failed to capitalise on his advantage.

There were some impressive maiden speeches from MPs across the spectrum , Wes Streeting, Alan Pak and Nus Gani caught my attention in particular.

Bill Cash, John Redwood played exactly the role you would expect. Owen Paterson, made a lot of noise but had little impact.

Kenneth Clarke used very few words and made an impact that far exceeded the time he took up. But you would expect no less from a parliamentarian of his standing.

Alex Salmond was more impressive and less Scottish centric than I expected.

Concerns about opting out of the 28 day purdah period, but it was left to Labour to defend that.

16-17 year olds being included in the franchise got a lot of attention and to a lesser extent the case for including EU expatriates did. But, NO mention of UK citizens disenfranchised by the 15 year rule.

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