Why the EU needs Britain as much as Britain needs the EU.

Following on from my piece about Britain’s Love/Hate relationship with Europe this piece from the EUObserver Why the EU needs Britain as much as Britain needs the EU explores some of the same ground and explains why we can’t do without one another despite what many people think.

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2 Responses to Why the EU needs Britain as much as Britain needs the EU.

  1. If both Britain and Europe (The EU) really need each other, both will have to compromise (which is how all agreements are reached between EU member states), in order to reach agreement on the terms and conditions of the UK’s continuing membership of the EU. However, the major blocking issue remains the fact that “Britain has opposed many moves towards further EU integration – such as monetary union. But who would seriously argue that the single currency has made citizens in Eurozone states richer and the EU a more cohesive, prosperous club?”.

    • Grahame says:

      The UK has “arguably” resisted further EU Integration by not joining the Euro. But that is a stance that was set out very clearly at Bruges in 1988 by one of our greatest pro-EU (but fiercely anti-federalist) politicians, Margaret Thatcher.

      It has been the UK that has promoted/championed not only the expansion of the EU to the East, the implementation of the Single Market (something that still needs completing and will only happen in the near future with the UK’s weight behind it) but also the Single European Act.

      What many European fail to understand is that there are more fundamental reasons for the scratchy, antagonistic relationship between the UK and the EU. These reasons are mainly due to differences in history, culture and a lack of shared experiences over the centuries. My piece explains this idea more fully.

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