The Butterfly Effect – “Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee” – thanks Muhammad Ali!

The anti-EU voices are setting the political agenda in the UK and are managing to do so without mentioning the EU much, if at all, during the current election campaign.

Politicians, through complacency and/or lack of political competence, are following that agenda. None of them are safe hands for the UK’s future in Europe.

Until there is a strong pro-EU voice, which is not the same thing as just combating the anti-EU voice, in the UK there will be, at best, marginal support for the EU – see my piece about Britain’s Love/Hate relationship with Europe.

We absolutely cannot wait until somebody calls a referendum or “business” decides its best interest is served by getting involved.

Pro-Europeans must make their voices heard, must work together and change opinions. If each one of us convinces just one other person to speak up for the EU, and that person in turn convinces just one more, it is possible to change the UK’s scepticism about Europe for ever.

This is the “Butterfly Effect” by which we, the decision makers, the people, the voters, will decide the future of the UK in Europe.

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