Right of Residence in the EU – France

Following on from the post about Permanent Residence in the EU here are links to information about how to obtain a French “carte de séjour – UE” or a “carte de séjour – UE séjour permanent”.

The pages are in French (not surprisingly) but certainly Google translate makes a very good job of translating them. If the translated versions are read in conjunction with the pages in English on the europa.eu site EU – Residence they should be quite understandable.

When applying at the Prefecture it is quite likely that you will be told that you don’t need one and even that they are no longer issued for EU citizens (ressortissants). You may have to persist, but by pursuing the “I’m sorry but French isn’t my first language but the Vos Droits web site seems to be saying that…” and showing copies of the web pages you should be able to get past any initial resistance. If not asking to see the Chef de service would be the next step.

This link Européens en France takes you to a page on the French administration site “Vos Droits” on which there are various links covering the requirements for EU citizens travelling to, residing in and/or working in France.

They not only cover the requirements for EU citizens but also how to obtain a “carte de séjour” for spouses who are non-EU citizens, dependant children and other dependant relatives. N.B. the requirements for spouses and dependants are simpler when an EU citizen is involved.

This page on the “Vos Droits” site gives details on how to apply for a carte de séjour – UE

This one, again on the “Vos Droits” site, gives details on how to apply for a carte de séjour – UE séjour permanent

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