Brexit – Why it isn’t just about trying to influence opinion in the UK.

UK citizens living, working and owning property abroad are concerned about the consequences of a Brexit.

Almost all the effort seems is going into increasing awareness and influencing opinion in the UK. There seems to be no effort going into increasing awareness or trying to influence opinion in the countries where UK citizens live, work or are property owners.

Apart from the obvious effects of a Brexit on the UK citizens, there are serious financial and social consequences for the communities where they live and own property, particularly in rural areas.

Any exit deal relies on both the EU and the UK wanting to protect the rights of EU citizens who have taken advantage of the freedom of movement that now exists between the UK and the rest of the EU.

Any challenge to inadequate protection of the rights and expectations of the EU citizens affected will not just be against the UK government but against the EU and the governments of those countries where UK citizens, live, work and own property.

We have to raise awareness of the impact of a Brexit in our adopted communities in the EU. The comparatively narrow focus on raising awareness in the UK is simply not adequate.

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