Employment rights for UK citizens in the EU post-Brexit

Will UK citizens be able to work in the EU post Brexit?

On oft asked question. The answer may well depend on whether you already work in the rest of the EU (and how long for) or whether you have never worked in the rest of the EU.

For those of us who have already exercised that right the ability to continue to work in the EU will depend on a number of things.

  • How long you’ve lived in the EU and whether you have exercised your right of permanent residence
  • The concept of reasonable expectation and acquired (vested) rights
  • The negotiations between the UK and the EU
  • The European Court of Justice’s oversight of the agreement between the UK & the EU

The precedents both with regard to previous exits from the EU, international treaty law and EU law will have a large part to play.

Some assume that the UK & the EU will have little interest in or give little priority to protecting individual rights. Failure to protect the rights of individuals in the exit negotiations will result in a legal challenge in the ECJ by a sizeable body of people.

Also there are more than enough people involved to make direct representations to the European Parliament.

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